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Every day, companies are facing new and more complex financial schemes designed to unjustly enrich the perpetrator and defraud investors. Such schemes are often investigated poorly and lack independence, using either unqualified experts or internal staff that may bias the outcome. As a result, gaps in the investigation occur and the investigation  is ultimately unable to withstand the test of a proper investigation in a legal or regulatory proceeding.  Thompson & Associates will help mitigate such risk and maintain business integrity, thus protecting and preserving assets of the company &  its reputation through our Atlanta forensic accounting services.

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In Litigation & Forensic Accounting Matters
When you retain Thompson & Associates, you get much more than just an Atlanta accounting expert that will perform complex financial transaction investigations. You are engaging in an experienced team that will simplify the complexity of such investigation results to a judge, board member, arbitrator, regulatory body and/or jury. Our staff strives to make our reports comprehensive, yet concise. Our testimony is poignant, yet easy to comprehend. Our Atlanta accounting expert witness team bring a proven track record and reputation for providing exceptional service.

Fraud Investigation Services
Fraud negatively impacts an organization in many ways; fraudulent activity can damage an organization's reputation and undermine a company’s financial security. On its face, most individuals see the damage incurred by fraudulent activity measured in terms of monetary loss which, depending on the size of the fraud can be significant. However, the full cost of fraud is immeasurable in terms of time, productivity, and loss of reputation. Therefore, it is important for organizations to implement a “Fraud Program” that includes awareness, detection and prevention. Organizations must develop a comprehensive risk assessment program to ensure fraud risk is identified throughout the organization. A heightened regulatory environment and more scrutiny from internal and external auditors have increased vigilance in organizations' efforts to address fraud risk. ​
Investigations Experience
The professionals at Thompson & Associates – including professionals such as former executives and forensic CPA experts -- have assisted committee members, board members, in-house counsel, external counsel and management of private and public companies in investigating irregularities and making recommendations to remediate problems as they arise. Our representation does not only focus on alleged perpetrators but also on defending such alleged perpetrators as the need arises.

Our Investigative services include:

Accounting Irregularities

Money Laundering

Asset Tracing and Recovery
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Bribery & Kickbacks

Employee Theft & Embezzlement

Over Billing Schemes

Tax Fraud

Concealment of Assets